Corporate Responsibility

We believe in adopting responsible business practices that create positive change in society. We wish to contribute to the community in which we operate in a meaningful and positive way. As such, our vision is to implement a corporate responsibility program that is sustainable in the long-term and has a positive impact on Thales, our employees, and the community.

Commitment and Programs

Thales Defense & Security, Inc. is committed to best practices and a continuous commitment to quality. It is the company’s policy to deliver high-quality, highly reliable competitive products that meet customer requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of business processes. Thales Defense & Security, Inc. is certified to AS9100D/ISO 9001:20015 standards and continues to maintain its appraisal to CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 3 for development and process integration.


Using our expertise in technology, our education programs and partnerships aim to improve the knowledge base of students worldwide. Our seamless and borderless approach has made positive changes within the IT sector globally.


Protecting the planet is a fundamental principle that we apply to all our business processes and all our products and services. We strive to adopt best practice at every level and constantly monitor our environmental performance.


Giving back to the community is a corporate social responsibility and a privilege. Through monetary donations, community outreach, and other charitable activities Thales Defense & Security annually supports several events and organizations.

Corporate Responsibility Report

Ethics and corporate responsibility are strongly rooted in the company’s system of values and are present in all decision-making processes by any employee on a daily basis, particularly in the special attention paid to corruption prevention and the control of exports. You can view our Corporate Responsibility document here.